Book a service

Please make sure to go over the how to book process before booking for the first time.

We currently have spaces for a new Foundation class on Mondays at 11 am. Please feel free to book your IC in if you can make that spot. Our other sessions are at capacity and we ask you to join our waitlist for any other days and times. 

Term 3 2022

Booking into term 3 2022 - 25.07 to 30.09:

  • Login first

  • Purchase either a once a week or twice a week Term pass (scroll to the bottom)

  • Click "any available" teacher

  • Click on the type of Reformer Group session you have been recommended to book into - either Foundation, Align or Heat - Refer to the timetable for more info. 

  • Select your regular day & time 

  • Click on "recurring" and opt for 10 recurring sessions and click on "add recurring times". 

  • Click on continue and read through our updated terms & conditions. 

  • Click on "redeem coupon or package"

  • If you have a second regular session each week repeat the process for the second one.


  • Make sure to login first.

  • Go ahead and click on the session you wish to reschedule and cancel it.

  • You will need to cancel it so you can see all available spots with any instructor - as opposed to rescheduling a session which will only show available sessions with the instructor you are originally booked with.

  • Go ahead and choose a make up session from any available instructor

  • If you have any valid make up sessions available make sure to click "redeem codes" - when none are available that means you have used up your term pass and will be charged a casual drop in fee if you proceed with the booking.

Only current clients  can book into reformer sessions.
You will need to join our wait lit or email us if you are keen 
to fill a spot when it comes available. 

Wrongly booking into group reformer session will incur a $25 admin fee.