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  • How Do I Book?
    Select the desired service you wish to book, you will be prompted to choose a date and time from whats available. Continue to fill out your medical history form and payment details. At that point it will suggest to register for an account which we would recommend you do as to avoid to fill in your details all over again. Registering for an account also gives you an overview of all your sessions and an ease to reschedule, cancel and book future bookings. We also recommend you downloading the Acuity Scheduling Client App. Still having trouble? Contact us directly and we will help you out. Our email is
  • Do I need an Initial Consultation - IC - for all classes?
    An IC is only required for any complete beginners and anyone presenting with musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, or movement restrictions. If you have completed 8 reformer sessions with us or another small Pilates Studio then you won't need an IC to get started.
  • I can't make my class - What do I do?
    We give our clients the courtesy of being able to make up any session that is cancelled up to 24 hrs prior to their booked session. These Make ups need to be booked within the same term. However should you be unable to find make up sessions that match your availability then we also allow up to 2 sessions to be made up in the following term. You may log into your Acuity Scheduling account or via the app and click "cancel" provided it is at least 24 hours prior to the class start time. You can also cancel via your reminder emails. Within 12 hours, we ask that you 'late cancel' your class by text to allow someone else to take your spot. See cancellation policy.
  • How do I book a Make up Class
    With our Momence Booking system, rescheduling cancelled sessions is a breeze. As long as you have cancelled your session up to 24 hrs prior to your booked session then it will be automatically credited to your account for use at a late date. Please note however that you have a 2 to 4 week window to book these make up sessions depending when you cancel your class within your billing cycle as your make up can be used up up until the following billing cycle. We recommend you book your make up at your earliest convenience so not to forfeit that session.
  • Location & Parking
    We are located in the same building as Matakana Cinemas. Walk through the main door off the main street walk past the cinemas, past the staircase to the end. You will find a glass door where the lift is, walk through there and turn right. We are the 3rd door on the left, opposite the bathroom & emergency exit. You can also enter the building from the bottom level where the carpark is and either walk u the stairs or take the lift to the top level. You have off street parking or plenty of parking within the village. Note that you may want to give yourself more time to find parking on a Thursday & Friday as those tends to be our busiest times during the week in the village.
  • Is Pilates safe during Pregnancy?
    Yes Pilates is safe during pregnancy. Pilates can help keep your strength and posture throughout the changing months of your pregnancy. Pilates helps you stay strong and maintain pelvic stability which is crucial during your pregnancy. More importantly Pilates helps you regain your strength and posture quickly in the early days post birth.
  • How soon after I've given birth can I start Pilates?
    We encourage clients to gain approval from their health practitioner or obstetrician before commencing exercise again. This usually happens at six weeks post birth.
  • How many days a week do you recommend to do Pilates?
    We recommend at least twice a week to feel a change and get the movement of Pilates into your body. If you have more time available we recommend three sessions a week to see a faster transformation.
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