Do I need an Initial Consultation - IC - for all classes?

An IC is only compulsory for Reformer Pilates, however it is highly recommended you start your health journey at Myo health with an IC. Please see our Pilates & Movement Page for more info.

Is Pilates safe during Pregnancy?

Yes Pilates is safe during pregnancy. Pilates can help keep your strength and posture throughout the changing months of your pregnancy. Pilates helps you stay strong and maintain pelvic stability which is crucial during your pregnancy. More importantly Pilates helps you regain your strength and posture quickly in the early days post birth.

How soon after I've given birth can I start Pilates?

We encourage clients to gain approval from their health practitioner or obstetrician before commencing exercise again. This usually happens at six weeks post birth.

How many days a week do you recommend to do Pilates?

We recommend at least twice a week to feel a change and get the movement of Pilates into your body. If you have more time available we recommend three sessions a week to see a faster transformation.

Do I have to be a gym member to access Myo healths services?

Myo Heath is simply relocating to a a new facility and offering more sessions - Both keep Fit and Myo Health will be their own entity. However having a gym membership gives you the option to add another component to your lifestyle. You wont need to have a Keep Fit Gym membership other than if you want to have 1:1 sessions within the gym with Alexa and or have a program written up by us that requires you to have access to the gym & Studio.

Will the Keep Fit Gym membership include Myo healths classes?

Unfortunately at this stage of our collaboration the classes offered by Myo health wont be included into Keep Fits Membership and are separate to the gym.

Will Myo Health be offering Membership options?

Not at this stage - Myo Health remains a boutique / clinical studio where we target a smaller number of clients with small intimate group sessions and private 1:1 sessions. However discounts will be applied to multiple term passes / group sessions bought / booked into within the same term.

I am new to the gym environment and or would like a program to follow in my own time according to my goals and needs. Does Myo Health provide services to guide us in the right training direction?

Absolutely - Alexa has years of PT and Strength & Conditionning Experience. When booking your IC you are able to use that session to request a program designed for you, your fitness needs and goals, where your body composition measurements amongst other fitness testing will be measured and tracked over a period of time and where you will be shown how to execute your exercises in fantastic form - please note other PTs will be working through Keep Fit as well. Read here for more info.

How Do I Book?

Select the desired service you wish to book, you will be prompted to choose a date and time from whats available. Continue to fill out your medical history form and payment details. At that point it will suggest to register for an account which we would recommend you do as to avoid to fill in your details all over again. Registering for an account also gives you an overview of all your sessions and an ease to reschedule, cancel and book future bookings.