Make Up Bookings

Booking make up sessions - Instructions :

  1. You first need to cancel your session - NOT reschedule it - that way you will see all classes that have available space. You can cancel your session through the reminder emails.

  2. Click on the type of Reformer Group session you would like to book your make up session for - it is recommended that you rebook into the same type of session or one that is a level easier or harder than what you are currently booked into. 

  3. Then go ahead and log in  - the small login button is located at top right corner looks like this: 

  4. Click "any available" teacher

  5. Select a session from what is available  at the time - keep checking if nothing comes up that suits at the time of booking. Please bear in mind that it gets harder to find a make up towards the end of term.

  6. For same day availability it is always worth sending Alexa a text to check on the days availabilities.

If all else fails email us at and we will assit you

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