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Pilates Enthusiast

Kayla has always lived an active lifestyle, playing various sports as she grew up. After joining a gym she quickly became intrigued by group classes, particularly Pilates. In 2022 Kayla received a sponsorship to train as a Reformer Pilates Instructor and began instructing immediately. It was here that she fell in love with instructing as she found a space where she could be authentically herself. Kayla encourages her clients to stay curious about what their bodies are capable of, making exercise interesting, intriguing and fun. The room will always be filled with positive energy and Kayla will always make sure you leave feeling better than you did when you first came in.



Pilates Enthusiast

Bio to come..

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Pilates Enthusiast

Hi, I’m Nicky! I lead a vibrant and transformed life. I’m an advocate for mindful movement – Pilates.

The connection came for me as I recovered from back and hip surgeries. Through Pilates, I have found strength and mobility, rediscovering life's joys such as gardening, landscaping and tramping. Mum of a blended family, daughter of a huge extended family and now a new nana (yippee!), I have a fully active lifestyle with energy abound to share with all.

Inspired by my journey and keen to share, I am a Stott trained Reformer Pilates Instructor and Suna trained Mat Pilates Instructor. Starting with the basics, each session we have together will safely build upon the last. Unlocking your body’s potential, you will become stronger, have more agility and truly feel great from within.

You’ll find I’m pretty down to earth, see things for what they are, understand struggles and have the ability to laugh at myself (got to keep it real!). My belief in Pilates is contagious so come try it out, you’ll be hooked for life!

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