Change happens through movement,
and movement heals

At Myo Health, each type of session has a focus on improving your movement and hence increase your mobility, stability, balance and strength. Each practice consists of Joseph Pilates' traditional work combined with innovation and experience gained through Strength and Conditioning principles, adding some mobility flows, active stretching & neural flossing, all towards creating new habits. This inspire us to teach you more than just the exercises, but the application of these systems to your physical life both in and out of the studio,

resulting in an overall more balanced and stronger self. 

Myo Health focuses on small group and private sessions.

This is our way of staying true to our promise of personalised programs for each of our clients.  

Getting started

Your journey at Myo health starts with an hour initial consultation - IC -, which allows for time to get to know your body and its imbalances, restrictions or excessive range. This is particularly important should you have new or ongoing pain, discomfort or known imbalances / restrictions that you are trying to resolve and / or entirely new to Pilates & Functional Training. 

Following your IC you will be required to complete 3 x 1:1 Clinical Pilates sessions prior to joining a group reformer session. You will find that when booking your IC your 3 x 1:1 sessions will be included in your booking fee.

You will learn self correction methods as well as build better awareness around your body to take into a group class or anywhere. Please note : An Initial Consultation is mandatory for all 1 :1 sessions as well as all Reformer Group sessions.