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During your Musculoskeletal therapy session with Alexa, she will be taking a whole body approach towards assessing your muscle imbalances which are often a result of joint stiffness, excessive muscle and fascia tension, and on the other side muscle weakness & tendon inflammation. 


During a typical management plan, after you have gone through an advanced and in-depth assessment, initially you may go through some soft tissue therapy sessions where Alexa uses a blend of hands-on intervention techniques such as Myofascial Release techniques |  Trigger Point Therapy | Remedial Massage techniques | Nerve pain release techniques | Myofascial Cupping |  Myofascial Dry Needling for trigger points | Active Release Technique | PNF techniques | Muscle Energy Technique &  Kinesiotaping towards alleviating & improving your signs & symptoms of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Succeeding your soft tissue therapy sessions, ultimately the primary focus of your ongoing management plan will be on identifying the repetitive movement patterns and postures in your regular lifestyle that have lead you to your current state. Alexa will empower you to take back control of your body by using her Strength & Conditioning, Stott Pilates and Rehabilitative functional training background to teach you how to retrain your movement patterns.


Often you are sent home after any treatment including surgery feeling good momentarily without much more then some basic rehabilitation exercise to work on. Which time and experience has proven very few patients / clients follow through on and if they do don't have a progression plan in place. Often you also need to look at how you got to your pain in the first place and seeing if your current lifestyle needs a little adjustment to stop such pain / issues / conditions from reoccurring. Alexa's unique-to-the-region skillset makes this part of your rehabilitation her speciality. She believes that retraining your movement patterns is a key long term solution towards living a more functional, balanced and pain-free life.

Have a read here how studies have shown that Clinical Pilates is a world-wide leading tool used by physiotherapists and many other health practitioners within neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Bodywork: Classes

MST Treatment

$120 | 55 min

As a Musculoskeletal therapist, I provide  orthopaedic assessments, functional movement screen, treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions, including but not limited to:


• Back pain • Neck and shoulder pain • Headache • Sports injuries • Rotator cuff problems • Occupational injuries • 

• Tendinopathies • TMJ disorders • Fibromyalgia • Other chronic pain presentations • Tennis elbow • Pelvic Floor conditions 

MST Bodywork
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