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Roll With It Workshop


Myofascia is the combination of muscle (myo) and fascia that can be found throughout the body. Fascia is the living seam system that links everything inside you together. While there can be fascia without muscle, there is NEVER muscle without fascia. Inflammation, fibrosis, and thickening of our fascia can limit our range of motion and cause pain.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone that is able to get down to the floor and back with minimal difficulty. Think of this therapeutic workshop as your “self-care laboratory”. A self-maintenance practice that complements your daily activities (or inactivity) to keep your body functioning as it was intended. This workshop combines elements of stretching, alignment-based movement and self-massage  techniques using a foam roller, a tennis ball, a peanut and various other accessories. All to unlock fascial restrictions and improve your ability to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of your body and its parts. The self-release techniques work swiftly to refresh and empower your body’s own self-healing nature and help you to identify and strengthen “body blind spots” – areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and are potential catalysts for pain and energy. 

If unsure wether you your current health status allows you to attend these workshop then please contact Alexa to discuss your concerns further prior to booking.

When & Where ?

Upper Body | Tue 22.10.2019 |18:00

Upper Body | Thu 24.10.2019 |12:00

Lower Body | Tue 12.11.2019 |18:00

Lower Body | Thu 28.11.2019 |11:00

New dates for 2020 coming soon

What to bring ?

Foam Roller, Tennis Ball / Tune Ball & Peanut Ball

In case you do not already have these items in you home you are able to add our $40 Essential Fascia Bundle to your booking. Consisting of a foam roller, a peanut massage ball & tennis ball.

Great! How do I book?

Workshops are $40 each. Please book online below. No Payment at time of booking required however payment is necessary prior to attending.

Roll With It - Upper Body Booking

Roll With it - Lower Body Booking

If you are wanting to add the essential Bundle to your booking please add that as a comment to your booking so it can be ordered and delivered on time. 

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